Friday, March 25, 2011

Shabby Road Studios Presents!! Don’t Tell Betsy – On My Mind

We finally have a new song ready to release to you, our dearest public! We may never know its like again. This, is rock and roll at its finest. It takes no prisoners. It makes no excuses. It sweats and bleeds like a Cathy Lee Gifford sweat-shop worker.
Ears have been specifically designed to receive the kind of aural information that we have produced to perfection in this recording. We spent decades researching this before we wrote and recorded a note of this song.  We took advantage of every new technology.  Thus, this song can be heard at many different levels, depending on what volume you set your computer speaker to. It’s multi-purpose, multi-platform and multi-orgasmic with a crossover format potentiality that dwarfs all known and yet to be unforeseen media platform, crossover purposes.
So without further ado, or pre-now momentary highlighting, here is the band, the song, the movement, the legend. (It’s also quite catchy!)
And after watching this classic video, please pass it on to friends and family so that we can become as big as Rebecca Black.

If you'd like to purchase this wonderful song, please click on the cute little icon below. Buy it friends, neighbours and the pets of your neighbours. Goldfish can be surprisingly musical, once you get to know them.

On My Mind - Single - Don't Tell Betsy

We’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest member, keyboardist, Johan Sendjaja.

Also: Many thanks to Daniel K. for his invaluable instrumental and mixing contributions to the song. If you need stuff mixed, go to this guy. He can do it over the internet!

We’d also like to thank Aaron T. for his magical fingers on the piano and other keys ont his song. Aaron also does amazing keyboard arrangements and recordings over the internet. Hire him yourselves!

And monster thanks to Barry Fasman of Sanctuary Entertainment for his immeasurable help with recording the vocals and harmony arrangements. You have to be in L.A. to use his fantastic know-how but he will send you very rude emails, free of charge, over the internet.


Here is the latest Death of the Author Brigade video.

Simple Song

And here’s the latest song by Death of the Author Brigade:

'Boy Next Door' is a bouncy little tune about a girl taking "Being Neighborly" to the next level. Who lives across the lawn from you?

And here is Don’t Tell Betsy’s latest video. Enjoy the spectacle.

Plus!!! Here is the seventh spectacular Don’t Tell Betsy promo for our upcoming video: Collect them!

Plus!! Don't Tell Betsy's brand new single, "The Way I Do". Give it a listen.

If you'd like to own this song, it be available below.

And on I-tunes

Download "The Way I Do" from iTunes:
Don't Tell Betsy
The Way I Do - Single - Don't Tell Betsy

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