Links We Like

Totally Fuzzy: A blog site to help you find blog sites. So useful, you won’t believe it. Whatever your taste in music, this site will help you find like minded people and blogs. Careful, it can be very addictive.

Rave and Roll: Blog featuring the legendary David Marsden and his podcast. Unbelievable music from the man who put CFNY on the music lover’s map. Take my word for it, one look at these set lists and you’ll be downloading this podcast every week.

Collective Collection: This is a wonderful site. It takes artists both popular and cult level (From Lynyrd Skynyrd to Celso Blues Boy) and features their entire catalogue. Some of the information is in Spanish, but the music is great in any language.

Willfully Obscure: The name says it all. If this is your addiction, like mine, this is one of those sites you’ll visit again and again.

Hippy DJ Kit: Darrell loves this site. If you like records from the sixties and seventies, then this blog has some unbelievable stuff to show you. Lovely detailed notes on each album and

Ever-More Blues: Mostly obscure music that you’re not going to be able to find other places. Very nice and informative write-ups, along with the album art. Well worth checking out if you’re like me and on a never ending quest to unearth undiscovered musical gems.

Faintly Blowing: Terrific write-ups and album art for bands that have flown under the radar. This blog specializes in music that is very hard to find elsewhere.

Rare MP3: Fabulous music from the sixties and seventies. (lots of Canadian gems) From rock to country, this site has amazing stuff.

Red Telebphone 66: Wonderfully obscure stuff from the psychedelic 60’s and 70’s. Nice write-ups. A terrific choice of vinyl to feature.

My Generation 60s: Very cool music from the sixties and seventies with nice detailed write-ups. It has the Radio Vickers seal of approval.

Robots for Ronnie: The stuff on this site goes all over the place stylistically. Stuff you don’t see everywhere with nice, detailed notes for each album and artist.

Retro Vinyl Cupboard: Blog featuring “rare” live recordings of your favorite artists. Believe me, if you like live recordings, this is truly a site you’ll want to investigate.

Stuff by our Band Members
Huffington Post: Read Ellis' posts on politics.

Ellis' Books: Read Ellis' humorous works.

Death of the Author Brigade: An internet band with some great tunes written by Darrell.

Nobby CleggDarrell's band from earlier days.

Other Great Stuff!!
Jeff Morrison's Blog: A blog run by Jeff Morrison, singer for Death of the Author Brigade. He doesn’t flinch from any subject matter that he feels needs commenting on. Thought provoking stuff. A definite must for those of you who care about the crazy shit that’s happening all around us.

Gregg Bayne's Website: his painting Leon was the original background image for this webpage.

Family Friendly Vacations: On a non-musical note, terrific site if you’re “With Family” and you want to get away. And who the hell doesn’t?

Platonic Psychology: This blog, written by our web-designer, really has nothing to do with music, except perhaps the dissonant reconstructions of the choral odes of Ancient Greek Theater. However, if you want to  satiate your inner classics geek by reading commentary, humorous tidbits, and reviews of scholarship, books, exhibits, and conferences on the Ancient Greek and Roman world, this is your place.

Tyler's Blog: Funny quips, interesting topics, clever antics....these are all things you will NOT find in Tyler's Blog entitled "Looking For More Blog". Just joking! Tyler is witty and funny. As Ellis said just the other day about Tyler's blog, "Tell him to shut up. We don't need any more good writers." Check it're sure to enjoy!

Fragments of Sulpicia: A charming blog about cooking, baking, and reading. Sulpicia uses the personae from the Roman Love Elegists to represent her circle of intellectual friends sprinkled amidst recipes, thoughts on bread baking, book and article reviews, and occasional for rays into pedagogy. Food for thought.