Thursday, December 9, 2010

The British Place 2011 Calendar

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Now, this is something everyone can get into. Pretty girls who play rock and roll. And a whole year’s worth of them!!! This calendar is put out by The British Place. It’s a recording studio and rehearsal space. Check out their website and see what they’re all about and what they have to offer. And check out the girls who have recorded there!
(There is also information on how to buy this heirloom quality souvenir of the upcoming year)

And here is Neil Sedaka to tell us all about it. And the TBP girls are even cooler than the ones in this video. Can you imagine!!!


Why should we, here at Don’t Tell Betsy give a shit about this particular recording studio, you ask? There is are two very good reasons. One, it looks like a great place to record, but even more important!....Our very own Carissa is Miss December!!
We, the band, would like to take this opportunity to state that Carissa has been an absolute delight since joining our motley, arthritic crew. Her voice and dedication have added new life to the group. (and boy can we use new life!) Plus, thanks to this calendar, we now get to do unspeakable things to her likeness for a whole 31 days at the end of next year! Buy one yourself. 

Calendar Girl - Stars – It’s a pretty good song. Not nearly as good as December on the TPB calendar, but what is?

Here is the third Don't Tell Betsy spectacular promo for our upcoming video: Collect them!

Plus!! Don't Tell Betsy's brand new single, "The Way I Do". Give it a listen.

If you'd like to own this song, it be available below.

And on I-tunes

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The Way I Do - Single - Don't Tell Betsy

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