Thursday, September 9, 2010

Radio Vickers: Don’t Tell Betsy - Death of the Author Brigade

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Some people have complained (ie, my Croatian singer for Death of the Author Brigade) that the 94.9 podcast, in its entirety, is too large to download. So I have cut down Mr. Marsden’s fantastic show to just the songs Don’t Tell Betsy and Death of the Author Brigade had on the broadcast. But I encourage anyone who loves music to listen to the vast array of wonderful artists and songs that his show has to offer.
Again, I can’t express my humble appreciation enough for the support David has given me and my music over the years. As Neil Young once sang, “Long May You Run”. Radio so desperately needs people like you.
Anyway, here are The Undead and Send All the Angels on 94.9 The Rock.

(If this doesn't play right away wait a few seconds. If it doesn't play then, click it again.)

If you should wish to purchase either of these tunes, they can be had for a song here:

Or from iTunes by clicking one of the following picture or link:

The Undead

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