Nobby Clegg

Throughout the years I’ve received dozens and dozens of requests for this song. It really is an honor to have written something that has been apart of so many people’s lives. (that’s the royal we – words and music by Nicholls & Vickers I also have to thank all the people at CFNY in Brampton for liking this song (which was sent into the station on a cassette tape) and playing it and some of our other tunes. So thank you David Marsden, Brad McNally, Liz Janik.

Me Dad

Here is the video that Andrew put together a couple of years ago for the song.

I Wanna Be In Commercials

Recorded at Quest Recording Studio in our hometown of Oshawa, Ontario by Paul LaChappelle. I think he and Quest are still there. I remember him being a great guy. We had a couple of hundred dollars to record this for the Toronto Calling album on El Macombo Records. They were going to put out a Nobby Clegg album but went bankrupt right after putting out the compilation. That was our musical luck in a nutshell.

There Ain’t No One Standing Over Me

We were commissioned to write a song that explored the plight and the delight of traveling salesman. It was for an industrial video. I wish I had a copy of the video, but alas, it is lost to the industrial mists of time. The great thing about the song is we actually got paid for writing and producing a song. (also recorded at Quest)

Only In Dying

Recorded in Andrew’s parents’ basement. We used to open our show with this number.

Can Anybody See Me

One of the last songs we did together as Nobby Clegg. It was recorded in a church on a weekend where I had a bad cold. We sent it into the CFNY song competition but lost out to some oh-so-of-the-day electronic piece of crap. We didn’t know enough to have all our friends and family phone in and vote for us seven hundred times.

I Hate Working for People I Hate

Again, recorded in Andrew’s basement. This could still be Canada’s answer to Part of the Union by The Strawbs. (it would need to be better recorded, of course)


One of Andrew’s tunes that I always liked. It always pissed me off that he had real musical talent and could record songs himself and play all the instruments where as I had no real sense of rhythm.

Nobby Photos!

These were shot down at the lakefront in Toronto. We got hired to do a tiny appearance in a movie about a balloon that sales across the world? North America? I can’t remember.

John (drums) Bill (Guitar) Darrell (tortured vocals) Charlie (eccentric bass) & Andrew (guitar and e-bow)


Bill and I singing something.


Andrew plunking away on his Guild guitar.