Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Tell Betsy Trivia!

 "She Already Knows"

Q: Who is “she”?
A: She is what’s-her-name.  The woman.  The one who already knows things.

Q: What does she already know?
A: She already knows what’s happening.  She already knows the score.  She already knows where the bodies are buried.  She already knows what’s good for her.  She doesn’t know much about art—yet--but she already knows what she likes.  She already knows when you’ve been sleeping.  She already knows when you’re awake.  She already knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for Christ’s sweet sake.

Q: What shouldn’t one tell Betsy?
A: Pretty much anything.  If Betsy asks, you can tell her name, rank, and serial number.  But that’s it.

Q: Where can one sample, buy, and possess forever “She Already Knows”?
A: On iTunes and Amazon.

Q: Shouldn’t one tell Betsy about this?
A: No.  Don’t tell Betsy.  She already knows.

And while you are downloading She Already Knows from iTunes or Amazon, be sure to download our other 3 hit singles:

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