Sunday, August 8, 2010

Drummer's Scribbles: I'm America, and I'm Tired

 Ellis's newest Huffington post piece is here!
"Yes, it's all good old American wingnut fun, from the pipe-puffing "I believe" to the frankly ludicrous term "the progressive ruling class." This is a phrase of oxymoronic power equal to that of "the attractively self-effacing Bill O'Reilly" or "the damned sensible Glenn Beck." Only in the total intellectual vacuum of NRO (where they don't allow comments, and where the sublimely clueless Kathryn Jean Lopez reigns as editrix) can someone with a straight face use the term "progressive" and "ruling class" in the same sentence without satire. The world knows, even if McCarthy doesn't, that National Review has spent every day since its founding defending the actual ruling class from progressives"

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